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MyLocally’s management team is comprised of creative entrepreneurs with extensive experience in search, e-commerce, newspaper publishers, and growth companies.  The team has a combined fifty years in the publishing industry and over forty years in internet search and interactive advertising.

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Tim Judd - Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Judd has twenty-five years of sales, marketing and business development experience in search, high tech and new media.  He is a veteran of providing technology solutions to major newspapers around the world.  Tim moved to the Internet and corporate Search world and was instrumental in the recovery, growth and the successful acquisition of several leading Internet players.  His background in Search provides a deep understanding of the business and the technology behind it.  Coupled with his background in more traditional print technology areas, it is a powerful combination.   He founded Contraco USA, an international Search and consulting company focusing on vertical applications of innovative search technology. Prior to Contraco, he was Director of Business Development for Search for Terra Lycos and responsible for the maintenance and vigorous growth of search traffic at Lycos through the development and deployment of the Lycos’ SideSearch product.  This success in traffic growth was a key factor in the successful sale of Lycos to Daum, a leading Asian Internet company.   Mr. Judd was also Director of Business Development Fast Search and Transfer (FAST) a leading provider of enterprise search solutions and was an early competitor in the web search wars of the early 2000s.  Tim built the Internet search division of FAST to the point where it became an attractive acquisition target and was acquired by Overture Advertising which subsequently was acquired by Yahoo!.   Tim has been featured in Response Magazine and has participated in numerous panels on Local Search and Lead Generation.  He resides in Temecula, CA.


Ralph Williams - Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Williams served several years with Ernst & Ernst (now Ernst & Young), an international accounting firm, in the firm’s Small Business Department. He has held executive positions as President as well as Chief Financial Officer in several fast growth companies. He has been involved with financing, investing and company executive management for over thirty years. Dr. Williams’ experience includes various positions with Sonera Venture Partners, USA; Lockheed Corporation, Ventura Capital Management, and the investment-banking firm of Pacific Equity Development Corporation. Dr. Williams has owned, operated and sold his own businesses and served on the Boards of Directors of several companies. Dr. Williams has held professional memberships in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the California Society of Certified Public Accountants and the Institute of Management Accounting. Dr. Williams holds a Doctorate degree in Business Administration (DBA) from the University of Southern California (Accounting), a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree (Finance) from Suffolk University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from College of The Holy Cross. Dr. Williams holds both CPA and CMA Certifications. Dr. Williams lives in Temecula, CA.


Brian Osterhout - Vice President of Revenue

Brian has been in online and offline marketing for the past 20 years to the very start of the Internet.  He was one of the pioneers of utilizing online portals like AOL to drive enormous new revenue to his employer as well as direct to his clients with which he worked on a contract basis.  Brian continued in the online marketing space developing new avenues from the beginning of commercial email to new display opportunities within the space. He used his offline marketing skills to develop the marketing for a small telecommunications provider in the southeast.  RTP Communications primarily sold residential long distance at the time. Brian setup their outbound phone room and also managed the trade show marketing for the company. Later he created the company's T1 and larger, Key Accounts department.    After the company was sold, he went on to entrepreneurial pursuits. Brian utilized his sales expertise and marketing acumen to be able to build several network marketing and direct sales businesses.  Reaching top level rank at each company within 6 months time.  He also helped to launch a couple of companies working directly with the founder. He then moved on to help launch another start-up The Prosperity Network which sold a suite of SEO tools and platform for marketing individual company sites and or products.  He created the entire marketing program and was directly involved in product development as well as overseeing all areas of the company.  He managed its growth to a multi-million dollar annual concern until his departure to join MyLocally in Business Development in November of 2011.

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