Thursday September 16th 2010

The Social Media Challenge

Tim Judd, CEO of MyLocally is attending the DMS 2010 in Dallas and attended Social Media & Yellow Pages = A New Lease on Life?  Which was paneled by a number of industry experts including Andrew Shotland of Local SEO Guide .  The following is Tim’s summary of the session.

Any brief examination the lives the young and the vapid will reveal social media, be it twitter or Facebook to be huge. The yellow pages guys look at this growth and have reactions ranging from “huh?” to “can I panic now?” Some of the folks in the space like GroupOn and Livingsocial  are doing great business, but most of the rest even the entirely online ones are way behind. Given how badly the industry its self is doing it shouldn’t be that surprising that most local businesses are struggling with this too. Just what does social media mean for small business. There are several quite easy things companies can do to drive this. One is to post on their own face book business profile. I guess first the local business should actually create a FB business profile. Assuming they do have such a thing in a recent survey a really busy business will post roughly every other day….the least busy post only once or twice a week. It also seems that folk are going to business FB pages looking for entertainment rather than product deals.   What is typical and what we are guilty of is updating Facebook in spurts, depending on how busy we are at the moment.  If you entertain them they will come. Getting your followers to “like” you on Facebook is clearly job number one. (PS, this is a reminder to all MyLocally employees to Like us on Facebook!)

There is some interesting stuff happening at the intersection of social and local…it’s clear that nobody quite knows what it is, but it’s happening. We are including social components to all of our marketing profiles as best we can. At MyLocally we are also looking at how we can drive leads to our customer through social integration. One o the speakers at the conference I’m attending described social as California before the gold rush.

Famously the people who did best out of that gold rush sold pick and shovels. Hmm maybe elocallisting can be the Levi Straus of social….

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