Tips for Using Adobe Spark as a Business Flyer Maker

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Posted on Apr 18, 2017
by Gail Downs
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You might already have some ideas of what you want your business flyer to look like, but Adobe Spark will take you to another level as a business flyer maker.

Business flyers are an excellent way to get your business' name out there. 

There are tons of programs you can use to create a flyer.

If you're wanting to create a flyer that will grab your audience's attention, you'll want to try Adobe Spark as your tool.

Here are some tips that will help you create an awesome business flyer.

Adobe Spark Post: Endless Possibilities

Adobe Spark can be used in a bunch of different ways. It is used to create websites and content for small businesses. 

But if you're looking to improve your business, Adobe Spark Post can be used to create a regular printed business flyer or an online flyer.

This business flyer maker gives you tons of ways do to do this in one easy tool.

Choose a template

Having a sale? Promoting your grand opening?

Adobe Spark Post has a template for that.

The application has tons of templates and themes you can choose from. 

You start by entering your main text, and Adobe Spark Post starts creating a template. You can also start a template from nothing, and build your way through.

Once you've chosen the theme that best suits your flyer needs, you're then able to change things.

Mix up the themes by adjusting the colors, font style, or photos. 

Decide how you'll share

With Adobe Spark you are able to share your flyer however you want.

Once you have created the flyer, you choose how you'd like to share: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or regular flyer.

After you've decided how you are going to share the flyer, Adobe automatically formats the text and them to the appropriate platform. This way, you'll know that your flyer will work specifically for each one.

If you choose the digital option, your audience can instantly link themselves to your event page or website. 

Adobe Spark creates a link to your flyer so you're able to share it across platforms.

Keep text short and sweet

Remember that this is a flyer, so you'll want to make sure your text is light and easy to read. 

Adobe Spark Post allows you to resize your text and move it around the page. 

This gives you the ability to show off your beautiful images.

Get your reader's attention

There are a number of professional fonts available with this platform.

So it is super easy to get your message across.

Make sure that you're adding a call to action on your flyer by adding links or phone numbers. 

Adobe Spark also gives you the option to upload your own photos or choose from hundreds of free photos.


You want to make sure your flyer attracts a lot of attention from your audience.

This can be done by using Adobe Spark Posts, which allows you to create beautiful flyers for your business or event.

You can choose from tons of texts and templates that suit the specific needs of your business.

If you're ready to start creating exciting business flyers, make sure you try Adobe Spark. 

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