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New York, NY 10036

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MagnifiCo Inc is here to help you create a name in entertainment industry by giving you a chance to work with some of the best Music Producers, Music Recording and Real Estate Expert Los Angeles. Contact us for further details.


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Posted on Jun 03, 2016
by magnifico inc
Financing is the most basic and essential part in any movie making process. Obviously, without funds a movie won’t exist! When raising money for film production, there are several influential factors like talent, timeline, crew, etc. that many financiers and investors need to be thoroughly aware of. Investors have the ...
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Posted on May 05, 2017
by magnifico inc
In order to establish and run a business successfully, one must have a prior plan to identify what should be done in which manner. A businessperson should have a fundamental knowledge of market trends, consumer and supplier chain, and competitive strategies. In the world of enterprise, an amateur cannot stand ...
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Posted on Mar 10, 2017
by magnifico inc
Hiring the business consulting services can improve your business situation drastically. You will see a clear difference in the quality of decisions which will lead to improving the overall profitability of the business. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you should hire a business consultant if you are starting a ...
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