How Has Social Media Become So Important When Branding

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Posted on Feb 17, 2017
by Brian Mckeo
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Branding is one thing, which not only big enterprises, but also small business to individuals everyone needs to work on if you want to establish a business. Fabricating an extrao

rdinary accumulation to your business on the web is the key to success when it comes to online branching, which is; however, not an easy task.


Many of the successful brands make use of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ etc, and it has become much easier and effective no to use social media for branding. Further we will discuss how social media becomes important while you are trying brand your online business website.

The role of social media branding


The primary advantage of using social media for branding is that it offers an equal opportunity and weight to everyone. Everybody has the freedom to share their opinion and thoughts on this open platform. There are many major and specialised social media platforms available that anyone can make use of.


Why you may need social media for brand building?

Brand exposure can be best done through social media. According to a recent research done by CRISIL Market Research wig, social media marketing is undoubtedly proven as the best brand marketing strategy on web. Further we will discuss some of the other major reasons to choose social media for brand establishment.


Search engines also consider social media lately

Nowadays, social media strategies have a positive impact on SEO (Search engine optimisation) too. With the intuitive nature of social networking, the major platforms like Facebook and Twitter etc. are now considered to be authentic reference for the keywords. Businesses just need to identify what your target audience is searching for, and make use of these keywords on your social media campaigns to become more visible.



Creating a social proof for your brand

There are a lot of consumers who search online seeking solutions for their problems; they look for suggestions and solutions. You can make use of this opportunity wisely to demonstrate that your business is trustworthy and exactly aimed at offering perfect solutions to the consumers.


Effectiveness of social media

To support the above findings, let’s also have a look at some stats on social media effectiveness.


q  About 86% of the marketers confirmed that online networking through social media is imperative at their organisations.

80% of the advertisers used social media promotions for more than a year reported a 40% to 50% increment in their leads and deals overtime.

q  More than 60% of the marketers see significant lead era advantages on spending about 6 hours a week on social media.

q  More than 80% of organisations with online presence have also developed a social media platform as a part of their branding strategy.



By maintaining straightforward and open vicinity in social media and by appreciating feedback, you permit your business target sector to interact without barriers. This creates an opportunity for the business owners or administrators to have a first-hand acquaintance with the audience and encourage them to get acquainted with you. People like to buy from those who personally like and can trust. This can be best achieved through social media.

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