Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I claim my business?

Claiming your business is easy:
From the home page, click on the "GO" button next to Register Your Business Today and follow the prompts.

2. What if there is a "No Records Found" message when I search for my business?

You can easily enter the information and create your listing:

  1. From the home page, click on the "GO" button next to Register Your Business Today and follow the prompts.
  2. When the "No Records Found" message appears; to the right, under the red button you will see "Click here to create your business account and ADD your business."
  3. Click on this and sign up with either Facebook or email.
3. Why should I claim my business?

Claiming your business means that you can take advantage of all the benefits MyLocally provides in promoting your business online:

  1. Get found on Google, Yahoo! or Bing for local search terms.
  2. Receive a FREE editable Mycro Site.
  3. Reach thousands of customers searching for your business in your town.
  4. Upload your logo or image.
  5. Promote your business with deals, specials, events and more.
  6. Tweet or Post right from your Business Center – it is easy and effective.
  7. Once you claim your business, you will be eligible to earn points and rise to the top of your Market Place Page.
4. How much does it cost to be listed in MyLocally?

It is FREE! There is no charge to be placed in the MyLocally directory with a basic Mycro Site. Businesses may also upgrade to a featured listing. For more information on these great ways to enhance your listing and get more online exposure, call Maria Lopez at 951-541-0357.

5. You don't have my business category in MyLocally; can I still add my business?

We are adding new categories all the time. Send us your information and we will add your business to MyLocally as soon as that category is available. In the meantime we will add your business free of charge to Cherrp and RadarFrog directories.

6. Where will my business show up?

Our directory is designed to show up on the "Big Three" Search Engines: Google, Yahoo! and Bing. As more categories and businesses are added, we expect rankings on these Search Engines to improve.

Your business will also appear on MyLocally's Market Place pages with other businesses in your category and city.

7. What if I don't participate socially (post, tweet or blog), can I still benefit from having my business in MyLocally?

The short answer is YES! The long answer is that while it is completely up to the business how active they are in their MyLocally community; the more you participate, the more points you receive and the higher you rank on your MyLocally Market Place Page (blogs, city pages, and more!). Also, being part of a MyLocally community with active participation means that your Market Place page will rank higher in the Search Engines. All that being said, we have made it so easy for a business to post, upload images and promote their business, we can't see any reason that you wouldn't!

8. What is a Market Place page?

This is a term that we coined here at MyLocally to describe a page that lists like businesses in the same city. Like towing in Nashua, NH or chiropractors in Chelmsford, MA.

9. What if there is wrong information on MyLocally about a business?

We take data integrity very seriously, and that is why we only allow registered users to update or add a business. Once you register your business you can update and make changes to the content and other information. If you notice business information that is not accurate, or someone other than the rightful business owner has claimed a business, please report the problem to us from the Mycro Site (right below the map). A MyLocally representative will address it.

MyLocally does reserve the right to delete, remove, or edit content that we deem to be offensive, misrepresentative, or false.

10. How do I have my listing removed from MyLocally?

We would hate to see you not take advantage of this FREE listing, if you would like to delete your business, you can use the "Report a Problem" feature located on your Mycro Site or send us an email to us at or from the MyLocally Contact Us page.

11. How do I upload my logo?

Once you register and claim your business, you can upload a logo to your Mycro Site from the Business Center. Logos/Images should be in a jpg or png format and should not exceed 2MB max file size.

12. What is a Listing Tagline and why should I create one?

A Listing Tagline is simply a short sentence or slogan that tells the consumer how and why to reach them. For example –

CALL TODAY for a FREE Analysis.

CALL to find out more about our early bird discounts.

Visit us at 28765 Single Oak Drive.

Why do it? Well, consumers respond to positive calls to action. Statistics show that a clear call to action results in higher conversion (customer contacts, i.e. phone call etc).

13. What is a Business Center?

Your Business Center is a convenient place where you can maintain your Mycro Site and account information. From here you can update your business info, post, tweet, blog, promote your business and more!

14. What is a Mycro Site?

It is a fully functional and editable one page "web" site, and it is FREE! It can be supplementary to your primary site or can stand alone. It allows you to upload images, post promotions and add your business description (and more!)

15. What is a Featured Listing and how will it help me promote my business?

A Featured Listing is a great and affordable way to promote your business on MyLocally and online. For only $9.95 a month you will receive all of these great benefits:

  1. Your business will be at the top of your Market Place Page, placing you in front of hundreds of customers searching for a business just like yours.
  2. Receive prominent positioning in your Market Place. Featured listings appear in the top two positions of ALL Market Place Pages and associated blogs. In other words, when customers are searching for your business category in your city, your business will be one of the first two that they see.
    A recent study shows that the top 3 positions on Google get 58.4% more clicks - and clicks turn into calls (and sales!)
  3. Featured listings will also appear on City Pages, reaching customers who start their search for a business from the city page.
  4. Featured listings stand out! Not only will your business show up in one of the top two spots on your Market Place page, these listings will stand out with enhanced images and highlighting.
  5. ONLY $9.95 per month/no contract/no risk.
16. What is a Post and Why Should I do it?

Posts are a great way to get the word out about your business and can be created easily from your Business Center Dashboard. These blog posts are SEO’d to show up on Search Engines, as well as from your Mycro Site and Market Place Page.

Why Do It? They only take a few minutes to create and should include unique content, but if you want to blog about another article or blog that you have written that is ok, because MyLocally lets you put links in your blog post. Posts can be content, video or images!

We encourage business owners to post at least twice a month. The more content that you have about your business; including information about your business or linking to your business’ online presence, the higher you will rank in Search Engines.