Blepharoplasty - An Ultimate Solution for Droopy Eyes

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Posted on Jan 06, 2017
by Jeffery Perry
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Beautiful eyes, the reflection of one's inner soul, are desired by everyone. However, droopy eyelids, ageing, sagging eyebrows and accumulation of excess tissues are some of the reasons due to which it becomes difficult to accomplish this desire. Nonetheless, individuals can opt for surgeries related to eyes, eyelids and eyebrows to get beautiful eyes. 
Blepharoplasty a surgical modification of the eyelid which is growing in prominence because of its positive results that it offers to the patients. It is known to eliminate excess skin and fat tissue from droopy eyelids so that you get is the youthful and refreshed appearance. It is rightly said - "the eyes are the windows to the soul", and thus a lot of people, including men and women give extreme significance to this area of their face. If at any point you feel that you’re tired, puffy and drooping eyelids are playing vital role in lowering your self-esteem then blepharoplasty is the way to go. 
As you age there are high chances when your eyelids will be stretched and the muscles supporting them will be weak. Moreover, with today's lifestyle, stress and strains are normal, it will be get revealed in the eyes first. It will cause sagging eyebrows and make you look older. Blepharoplasty is usually done to resolve such issues and restore the aesthetics of the eye-region.
During Operation
Blepharoplasty is done by giving local anaesthesia to the patient. Then he will begin by cutting the skin fold across the eyelid so that the sagging of the upper lid could be treated appropriately. He will then make an incision just below the lashes to treat lower lid. After the cutting procedure, the surgeon will remove excess skin and fat that must have been deposited on the lids. He will tighten the underlying tissue with sutures and hide all the incision with natural skin folds and creases. Finally, he will close the incision.
Immediately after the surgery you might feel mild discomfort, sensation of wet or dry eyes and also extreme sensitivity to light. It is essential to take as much rest as possible so that your recovery level is much higher.
Just like every surgery, blepharoplasty too carries some risks such as infection or reaction of anaesthesia. Furthermore, temporary numbness of the eyelid skin, dry and irritated eyes, and temporary vision changes such as double vision, impaired eyelid function and scarring are also common risks. But they do fade away with time. In very rare cases, the chances of impaired eyelid function, injury to eye muscles, and blindness due to bleeding behind the eye are possible.
Taking care at home after the blepharoplasty
It is necessary to follow instructions of your surgeon so that the wounds are healed in quickest possible time. You should protect your eyes from sunlight and avoid any trauma to eyes such as rubbing them. In case you are feeling discomforting sensations, use cool compresses. You can expect to have soreness and swelling for at least two to three weeks. You can apply ointment as per the doctor's prescription.
Apart from making you look younger, blepharoplasty will help you getting the realistic results.
Dr. Brian Evans, plastic surgeons at Beverly Hills in California, is specialized in providing lower eyelid and upper eyelid blepharoplasty. A thorough first consultation is scheduled by Brian Evans MD to understand the requirements of patients before procedures are performed. Services provided include the surgical reshaping or augmentation of facial features and breasts, surgical body sculpting procedures, stem cell therapy, surgery for skin cancer and wound care surgery.
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