About Us

MyLocally a Search Initiatives’ brand is the product of some very experienced and successful SEO experts that make up the Search Initiatives, LLC company and include top ranked sites such as MyLocally, eLocal Listing, eLocal Profiles, Cherrp and Radarfrog. As leaders in Search we serve over 75,000 customers and are responsible for driving high quality calls to these customers every day.

MyLocally is FREE and allows small businesses to improve their online visibility with tools that provide them with the ability to leverage the power of Search and Social.

So why add a new product to our portfolio?

The potential for serving more customers and businesses was the motivation for its origin, as some of our legacy platforms only allowed us to provision one client per business category in each city. We had to turn away new customers.

The potential to provision more clients is better met with the new platform structure of the MyLocally directory. In this ever changing world of search we knew it couldn't be just any directory; it had to be one that merged the power of Search and the explosion of Social Media.

It had to be interactive and easy to use, allow business owners to have a FREE online presence and reward them for actively participating in the promotion of their business. In short, we were creating a neighborhood of businesses and providing each with their own store front (a Mycro Site) and placing it on "Main Street", in front of customers using Search.

Keeping rooted in the standard of high quality content, a new directory was created in which content is written by industry experts, associations (read more about our partnership with The American Chiropractor), businesses and consumers themselves.

With all of these things in mind, we created MyLocally; a truly revolutionary online directory that we feel will turn the world of IYPs on its head. We are excited to share it with you and to share in your success of improving your online presence.

Enough About Us, What About You – the Business Owner?

2011 was a tough year for most of us. Never before has the ability to be agile and to creatively promote your business been as important. MyLocally is designed to help your business not only survive in 2012, but to THRIVE in 2012. The first half of 2012 has seen ups and downs in the economy, but most agree we are on a slight trend toward economic improvement.

In the meantime, Local Search has grown into a 16 billion dollar industry and Social Media is expanding exponentially. There are over 750 million Facebook users, Google + has 293 million users, and people tweet more than 200 million tweets per day.

Even if a small business has a website, an amazing 87% do not even have their phone numbers on their home page. In short, most small businesses understand the importance of being found in Local and Mobile Search and in participating socially, but most do not have the knowledge or the time to manage an effective online strategy.

We know that MyLocally can help small business owners tap into the power of Search and Social and grow their business. Finally!

Want to become part of the online revolution, call us at 951-541-0357.