The Importance of Shredding Confidential Documents

Posted on October 11, 2012
by ELocal
One of the most important appliances a business can own is a paper shredder. Whether providing a personal shredder for your employees or hiring a professional paper shredding service, ensuring a document has been destroyed is essential to retaining confidentiality of important information. As a small business, document shredding is important for the protection of your client and for your business itself.

Businesses receive confidential customer information every day, which must be properly handled and disposed of to retain client-confidentiality. Healthcare facilities and financial firms especially are required to follow standards and regulations for handling document shredding on a regular basis. The main reason for this is to protect individuals from identity theft, which is currently a multi-billion industry and can occur when even just one or two pieces of personal information are not properly destroyed.

By following these regulations for medical or legal document shredding, business can also protect themselves from liability or fraud. Implementing shredding devices throughout an office or hiring a professional shredding service can save businesses from millions of dollars in fines or other penalties. Sensitive information, whether business materials or personal client information, must be handled with care and properly destroyed to prevent any risk of exposing confidential information.